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Southeast Beekeeping Club
Swarm List

The Southeast Beekeeping Club (SEBC) assists with the statewide bee swarm list. If you see a swarm, you can call 1‑844‑779‑2337 (1‑844‑SPY‑BEES).

Several bee club members maintain the hotline. Please leave detailed information, such as a phone number of someone familar with the swarm and the location of the swarm. You will get a response fairly quickly.

Bee swarms are caught and relocated to beekeepers associated with the SEBC, or other beekeeping groups. Bee swarms are not sold.

Here are some of the questions the swarm hotline will ask:
  • Are the bees brown and fuzzy?
  • Are the bees in a ball or cluster and can be seen easily?
  • How far up in the air are the bees?
  • Are the bees inside of a wall, siding, tree trunk or other enclosed area?
  • Has anyone sprayed the bees with pesticides?


Honey Bee Swarm Rescue Meeting

Each spring, the Southeast Beekeeping Club holds a meeting focusing on catching swarms. The speaker may change from year to year, but SEBC always lines up an excellent presentation regarding the equipment, technique, science, advantages, and risks. Along with the nuts and bolts of swarm catching, speakers have many serious and humorous anecdotes to share with the attendees of the class.

This yearly show‑and‑tell gives you an idea on what you might need to catch a swam. Some of the equipment is commercially manufactured and some homemade gear shows up at the meeting as well. If your bees survived the winter, you should educate yourself about swam collection.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, to learn when this meeting will occur. If you are interested in learning how to catch a swarm, you should come to our regular meetings and ask to meet our swarm team.

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